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Gross Automation is a proud Korenix Distributor

About Gross Automation and Korenix

Gross Automation is a proud distributor of Korenix products, and both have a shared mission to keep your company moving forward. Founded in 1990, Gross Automation has worked to create a vast selection of over 75 product lines that focus on automation and electronic controls, systems, and panels. Gross Automation engineers also work to create custom solutions for customers worldwide, offer a UL listed panel shop on site, and are a leading source of value-adding products for several automation and manufacturing-based industries.

Located near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Gross Automation is dedicated to helping OEMs, systems integrators, and all types of manufacturers increase their productivity, lower costs, and grow profits through proven applications of industrial automation and electrical control technologies.

Korenix is your SMART choice. Founded in 2006, Korenix quickly became a leader in the SMART industries of Surveillance, Machine-to-Machine, Automation, Remote Monitoring, and Transportation. At Korenix, innovation never stops with market-oriented, value-focused Industrial Wired and Wireless Networking solutions and they are always looking for better ways to help your company stay ahead of the game. Korenix is a global leader in providing products and services that help you optimize processes and create reliable and secure communications.

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