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Gross Automation is proud to offer a full line of products from Korenix, a Beijer Group Company. As pioneers in the field of SMART industries, (Surveillance, Machine-to Machine, Automation, Remote Monitoring and Transportation), Korenix products put your company on track for achieving a more connected and intelligent network solution.

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Surveillance Applications from Korenix!

Sports Complex

This sports complex in Middle East occupies more than 800,000 sqm, and contains two football stadiums, training fields, hotels, and apartments which make this location absolutely critical in terms of security. High quality and live video with no time delay is the main objective of video surveillance projects.

Automated Warehouse

Automated warehouse reduces the cost, time and accelerated efficiency. It is a good example of new industrial era. AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) delivers goods through following the wire or marks on the floor in warehouses. It receives instruction, orders and provides the material status and operational condition back to the control center.

Bus Surveillance

Surveillance in public transportation ensures the safety of passengers and drivers, and plays an important role in criminal investigation. PoE camera can be powered by PoE switch through the Ethernet cable and achieve data trasnmission. A bus company chose Korenix’s E Mark compliant PoE switch for their project. It is rugged, plug-and-play unmanaged switch equipped with robust M12 connector design in order to be used well in the vibrating environment.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking is a popular topic in each city. Sensors installed in the parking lot to detect the real-time parking status, and the data will be updated to electronic signage. With the instant display of remaining parking spaces, it significantly eased congestion issues and air pollution by guiding drivers directly to find the vacant parking space.

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